Soy Milk Chai Jelly Pots

Prep time Overnight refrigeration
Cook time 45 minutes
Servings 8-10


1L soy milk
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
4 cardamom pods, bruised
1 cinnamon stick
3 cloves
3 peppercorns
1 large knob of ginger, peeled and sliced
¼ cup (60g) caster sugar
4 titanium strength gelatine leaves
An assortment of nuts and dried fruits

Soy Milk Chai Jelly Pots


Place the milk, vanilla and its seeds, spices, ginger and sugar into a pot and simmer gently for 5-6 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool slightly to allow it to infuse. Place the gelatine into a bowl of cold water to soften and then squeeze out the excess water and add them to the warm milk mixture. Stir until it dissolves. Strain into a jug.

Pour into 8 small ramekins then place them in a large tray. Place in the fridge and cool for 4 hours or overnight until set.

Garnish with dried fruit and nuts.