Tuna Arancini Balls

Cook time 30 minutes
Servings 18


425g canned tuna in oil, drained
30g Parmesan, finely grated

½ cup frozen peas, blanched
450g (2 cups) of leftover cold risotto
150g mozzarella, cut into 2cm x 2cm cubes
2 eggs, lightly beaten
¼ cup milk
3 tbs. flour
Salt and pepper
2 cups dried breadcrumbs
Alfa One Rice Bran oil, for frying

Tuna Arancini Balls


Combine the tuna, parmesan, peas and risotto in a large bowl and mix together with a fork. With your hands, form walnut size balls. Pierce each ball with a piece of mozzarella. Roll again to ensure the mozzarella is completely enclosed.

Whisk together the eggs and milk. Season the flour with salt and pepper. Lightly toss the Arancini in the flour to coat; then dip each ball into the egg mixture, followed by the breadcrumbs.

Heat oil in frying pan. Shallow fry Arancini in batches until golden brown.  Drain on some paper towelling.

Rather than frying, the arancini can be baked in the oven. If baking, spray the arancini liberally with oil spray and bake in the oven at 180C, fan-forced for 20 minutes.

Serve hot or cold.