Peking Duck Moneybags

Cook time 25 to 30 minutes
Servings 8


250g cooked Peking Duck Breasts
10 water chestnuts – sliced thinly
3 spring onions – white part sliced into rounds
3 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tbsp sambal oelek
6 sheets Fillo pastry
100g butter, melted
Sweet chilli sauce to serve

Peking Duck Moneybags


To make Peking Duck Moneybags, preheat the oven to 200C degrees. Cut duck into small-diced pieces (including the skin). Mix the duck together in a bowl with the spring onions, water chestnuts, hoisin sauce and sambal oelek to make the filling. On a clean bench begin layering the Fillo sheets one by one, making sure to brush each one thoroughly with melted butter. Repeat this process three times so you have 2 buttered stacks in total. Cut the sheets into 4 strips and then each strip into 2 squares leaving you with 8 square pieces of pastry. For each parcel spoon 2 teaspoons of duck mixture onto the center, butter the edges and then gather the pastry together to make a small money bag shape. Brush the money bags with extra butter. Arrange the parcels on a baking tray lined with baking paper and cook until golden brown for 15- 20 minutes. Serve with some extra hoisin and sweet chilli sauce.