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MCM6 Food Processor

Why crowd your kitchen space with a blender, a juicer, a mixer an ice crusher and any such cooking appliance when you can have it all in one? Bosch’s MCM6 Food Processor can perform all of the above functions plus more (45 to be exact!). The machine’s impressive 1250 watts of power can take on heavy loads of dough, cake …

Naked & Fresh Box

The Naked n Fresh Box, supplied by Spade & Barrow is another ethical product available from Aussie Farmers Direct. Bursting with 30 serves of fresh, seasonal Fruit and Veg, this box doesn’t discriminate, ensuring all produce – big, small, curly, wonky and straight, make it from the farm and into your home. Did you know? …

Waterthins Range and Cheese

When it comes to entertaining, not all crackers are created equal. Waterthins has a variety of crackers to suit any entertaining occasion and can turn a cheese platter into a gourmet inspiration. With their elegant style and delicate, crisp ‘melt in mouth’ sensation, Waterthins Fine Wafer Crackers are the perfect partner to all kinds of hard …

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