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Healthy Living 28cm/5.2l Red Covered Casserole Dish

This RACO Healthy Living 28cm/5.2l Red Covered Casserole Dish has a triple layer non-stick coating and even heat distribution that makes it easy for you to create delicious and hearty casseroles. Suitable for all cooktops including induction, the dish is made from a cast aluminium with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and care, plus it’s dishwasher safe! The …

Kataifi Pastry

Kataifi pastry (pronounced with evenly stressed syllables: ka-ta-if-ee), is a very versatile pastry that is becoming more commonly used. With its origins argued over by the peoples of southern Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East, many nationalities and cultures like to claim the origins of this type of pastry as their own. To describe the …

Cadbury Tips for Melting Chocolate in a Microwave

Chocolate always needs care when melting it. To melt it in the microwave, use a clean microwave proof bowl (plastic is perfect, if it is really clean, as it doesn’t retain heat) and only use 50% power. (if you do a lot of chocolate work keep a bowl specifically for chocolate melting only) Break or chop …

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