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Tefal Clipso Minut Duo Pressure Cooker Review

Slow cook or stew, this 2 in 1 does it for you! Ease of opening and closing with 1 simple click. An innovative pressure cooker with a durable, easy to clean titanium non-stick coating. Thanks to pressurized steam, cook soups, vegetables, fish and desserts up to 2x faster*. When slow-cooking, all the richest, most flavoursome meals will …

What You Need to Know: AeroChef

You’ve prepared a piece of fresh fish or steak, ready for grilling on the cooktop, now what you’d really love with it is a side of fries and a crisp salad. How can you resist fries, they taste so good! Although maybe not something you want to eat all the time. Well, there is an …

PURE Coconut Cream VS Ordinary Coconut Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…. coconut cream? We all love to add a splash of coconut cream to give our curries, soups, and desserts a more decadent flavour, and we don’t blame you. Coconut cream in moderation is also surprisingly good for your health too; as its fatty acids are effective fighters …

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