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Justine’s Tips for a Perfect Christmas Feast!

What’s your best tip for cooking for a large number of guests? Keep it simple and be organised. Simple doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. For example, a 7kg ham can easily feed 20 people, so that’s the protein component done and will make for the most beautiful centrepiece. Then filling the table with lovely fresh …

Multicook & Grain

The Tefal Multicook & Grain is your smart multicooker, where cooking grains has never been so fast, easy and nutritious. With up to 82 cooking programs, you can express soak chickpeas, cook rice, bake, cook baby porridge, and even quinoa!   Product Features 82 cooking programs including all varieties of rice pulses and grains, risotto, steam, slow cooking, …

Sweet Pizzas vs. Savoury Pizzas

Are you a sweet tooth or savoury queen? We look into the pros and cons of sweet pizza and savoury pizza to finally uncover if one is really better than the other   SWEET PIZZA:   Pros: The sky’s your limit with sweet pizza toppings! Its totally up to you how adventurous you want to be. Feel like ice …

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