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Breville’s Fast Slow Cooker

Slow and steady wins on taste. Grilling meat, by contrast to slow cooking, is effectively a race to get the inside of the meat to about 55 – 60˚C (medium rare), as quickly as possible. If you do it properly by flipping the meat regularly it makes for really good results on quality cuts of meat, …

Using Fillo Pastry

The most important point when using fillo pastry, either fresh or frozen, is that it is allowed to thaw completely before you open the plastic bag in which it is sealed. If you try to unroll the pastry flat whist it still has any “chill” left in it, will make the pastry brittle and prone …

Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche is the most versatile cream being suitable for heating, dolloping and baking across a range of both sweet and savoury recipes, functioning as a standard dollop of cream and a sour cream in one tub! This is the most flexible and multipurpose cream available, it is perfect for sweet and savoury dishes as it …

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