Short Crust Pastry
225 g unsalted butter
20 g sugar
6 g salt
60 g water
12 g egg yolk
300 g flour

Custard Cream
500g milk
10g vanilla extract
65g castor sugar
120 g egg yolk
40 g custard powder
1 kg fresh apricots, pitted and halved
Apricot jam, icing sugar and whipped cream to serve

Baked Apricot Tart


Short Crust Pastry
Cream in a bowl butter & sugar.
Dissolve salt in water.
Add egg yolk slowly.
Add flour and water blend carefully.
Wrap in cling film and store in fridge.


Custard Cream
Boil 75% of milk, vanilla and sugar.
Whisk sugar and egg yolk.
Dissolve custard powder with the remaining cold milk.
Strain custard powder into egg mix and whisk.
Add ⅓ boiling milk into egg mix and stir.
Add all into pot and whisk vigorously until cream is smooth.
Turn stove back on and stir with a wooden spatula big enough to scrape the
Let boil for 5 min.
Let cool down and place cling wrap on top.

Line a 22cm tart ring with Shortcrust pastry. Spoon custard cream at the bottom of the tart case and spread evenly. Place a good amount of apricot halves neatly into pastry case. Bake at 200C for 35 min. Finish with melted Apricot Jam/Pistachio Slivers. Dust edges of tart with Icing sugar. Serve with whipped cream.