Plum and Hazelnut Upside Down Cake

Cook time 60 minutes
Servings 8


500g Butter
500g Sugar
2 lemon zest
2 orange zest
6 tbsp spoons vitamised orange (Kingfisher Oranges)

8 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract

560g plain flour
100g ground hazelnuts (Mt Buffalo Hazelnuts)
Pinch salt
2 tsp baking powder

300g caster sugar
300ml water or juice from zested fruit

Sufficient par-poached fruit to line bottom of cake tin.


Plum and Hazelnut Upside Down Cake


Spray and line cake tin with canola spray.
Beat sugar and butter on speed 1 for 2mins, then speed 6 for 3-4mins until white and light and creamy.
Add zest and vitimized fruit , and vanilla return to speed 1 for 1min.
Add eggs 1×1 beating well after each mix (on speed 1:  for 1 min for first egg, upto 3 mins after last egg).
Combine dry ingredients together.
Fold butter mix into dry ingredients

Bring to boil and reduce in pan on stove top, until caramel colour

Arrange generous amount of par poached sliced fruit, covering bottom of the tin. Spoon cake mix over fruit.
Bake at 160deg for about 40mins, until cake springs back to touch.
Turn out upside down.

Vitimased Oranges
Boil oranges in water for 4 hours and then food process the boiled oranges