Mum's Pot Braise

Cook time 3 hours
Servings 6


1kg gravy beef
500g skirt steak
400g short ribs
500g chicken wings
2 onions, peeled
3 carrots, peeled
3 white turnips, peeled
3 leeks, sliced in ½ lengthways and cleaned then ties all together with sting to form 1 bunch
2 stalks of celery
6 garlic cloves, bruised
4 cloves
15 peppercorns
1 tbs. rock salt
6 Desiree potatoes, peeled and halved
1 handful small pasta

To serve: Baby pickles, Dijon and hot English mustards, horseradish to serve.

Mum's Pot Braise


In a large stockpot, place the beef and half of the chicken wings in 5.5L of cold water. Cook until just simmering. As this just comes to a simmer, using a ladle, continually scoop off the scum that rises to the surface until all the impurities have gone and the broth is clear.

Using tongs to hold the onions, carefully char the onions over a direct flame until they are burnt all over.

Place the onions along with the carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, garlic, cloves, peppercorns, salt and the remainder of the chicken wings into the stockpot along with the rest of the meat.

Gently simmer for 3-4 hours.

Half an hour before serving, place potatoes in to the saucepan and cover with a stock. Cook for a further 20 minutes.

Transfer some of the stock to a small saucepan and cook the pasta.

Serve broth in individual bowls to start.

Using a slotted spoon, remove meat and vegetables from the remaining broth and arrange on a platter with the potatoes. Serve with the pickles, mustards and horseradish.

RACO Stockpot