Mixed Fettucini with Asparagus and Egg

Cook time 25 Minutes
Servings 4


1 pkt San Remo Fresh Mixed Fettuccini
2 bunches of asparagus, trimmed
1 bunch of white asparagus, trimmed
2 large free range eggs, beaten
1 sml white onion, diced finely
2 tbsp olive oil
50g butter
1tbsp fresh nutmeg
¼ cup parmesan, grated
Salt & pepper

Mixed Fettucini with Asparagus and Egg


Blanch asparagus in salted boiling water for 5 mins or until asparagus are tender. Strain and place into a bowl with ice cold water.

In a pan heat olive oil and butter. Add onion and cook over a low heat for 3 to 4mins stirring occasionally. Remove asparagus from water and cut into bite size pieces. Add to pan and cook for a further 3mins.

Cook pasta as per packet directions. Strain and add to pan. Pour egg into the pan and toss through. Turn off heat.

Finally add nutmeg, parmesan and salt and pepper to taste. Serve.