Charlie’s Salad with Crispy Salmon

Lola Berry
Cook time 20 to 25 minutes
Servings 2


2 large organic avocados
1 bunch of coriander chopped
½ bunch of basil chopped
½ a bunch of mint chopped
½ a punnet of cherry tomatoes halved
1 Lebanese cucumber diced
1 red capsicum diced
A few good shakes of chilli flakes
A dozen kalamata olives pitted and roughly chopped
4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
2 x pieces of salmon (around 180g, with the skin on – that’s where all the good fats are)
2 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil
Salt and pepper to season the salmon

Charlie’s Salad with Crispy Salmon


This is a super quick recipe. Using a big salad bowl throw in all your chopped veggies and herbs, chilli flakes and olives, then pour the 4 tablespoons of olive oil (to be honest I think Charlie uses more than 4 tablespoons, he just free pours!) over the salad. Give it a few shakes of good quality salt and pepper, then give it a nice mix. Serve half the mixture up on a big plate, and the other half on another. Then set the salad aside while you cook the salmon.

Heat your pan up quite high, add the coconut oil (be careful because the extra virgin kind will spit), then place both the pieces of salmon in the pan skin side down, and cook for about 3 minutes. Then flip them over and cook for a further minute. Now this method of cooking means the skin will be crispy but the inside will still be a little rare. If you prefer it a little more well done, you can leave it on to cook for another minute.

Serve the salmon next to the salad, season with salt and pepper and enjoy this meal. I now created it almost every day, it’s so yummy and so nourishing for your body. Like me, I think Charlie will have you convinced on your first try!