Blackberry Eton Mess

Cook time 15 minutes
Servings 4


4 store bought meringues

½ cup Macadamias, chopped

300ml whipping cream

Pinch of clove

1.5 tbs. icing sugar

2 Punnets of Blackberries

2tbs Caster Sugar

White chocolate grated for garnish.

Blackberry Eton Mess


Place Blackberries (reserving 4) in bowl. Add sugar and crush with a potato masher to release juice and flavours. Add Macadamias.

Add the majority of cream to the blackberries. Crush the meringues into the bowl and gently fold.

Grate white chocolate into bowl. Add last bit of cream and remaining whole blackberries.

Mix together, garnish with extra grated chocolate and serve.