Baby Snapper En Papillote, Shaved Fennel & Citrus Salad

Cook time 40 minutes
Servings 2-4


1 baby snapper approx 250gms, scaled, insides removed

Sea salt
Good olive oil
Parchment paper
Butchers string

Mixed citrus:

Baby Snapper En Papillote, Shaved Fennel & Citrus Salad


For the snapper:

Clean fish, making sure all insides are removed, no scales remaining and place on a large piece of silicon or parchment paper. Make a couple of small incisions along the fish. Season well with salt and pepper. Place fennel tops, herbs, sliced lemon into the cavity of the fish and drizzle with olive oil.

Wrap the paper around until the fish is completely covered, and tie at each end with string to form a nice tight parcel. Bake in the oven @ 180C for approx 15-20mins, remove from the oven and rest for 5-10mins

To prepare the salad:

Finely shave fennel into a bowl and add segmented mixed citrus fruits (this is done by removing the skin and slicing the ‘cheeks or segments’ of citrus) add chopped fennel tips & dill, season to taste, and drizzle with olive oil.

Use the citrus juice that dripped when you segmented the fruit, to make your dressing on the fennel, the oil and acid should be a perfect match!

To serve: slice open the parcel the fish is in, drizzle with some more olive oil, a sprinkle of fresh sea salt, and arrange the fennel and citrus salad around the fish….enjoy with Justine’s famous potato gratin!!