5 minutes with Phil Wood

What is your earliest food memory?

My earliest food memory is wearing a little party hat on Christmas Day as we sat down for my grandmother’s minted peas and roast lamb. I was a fussy eater as a kid and had to be threatened with no dessert to eat the meal. I wish my Gran was still with us because I would absolutely love to have these now, no threats required.

Which ingredient are you obsessed with right now?

Not an ingredient but a process - handmade pasta completely hand-rolled without the aid of a pasta machine. The texture is so different; it has the most amazing chew but it then disappears.

Kitchen tool you can’t live without?

My Le Creuset casserole pan in blue. I love the versatility and the colour, and they are so well made that I’m sure I will still be using it when I am 80.

Got-to meal when you’re feeling sick?

A really cheesy omelette that is all gooey in the centre and only just set on the outside.

Entrée or dessert?

I have an atrociously bad sweet tooth. A common theme of the restaurants I have run is that the pastry chefs will distract me with extra portions of dessert so I don’t ‘accidentally’ eat their prep work.

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