5 minutes with Coskun Uysal

What is your earliest food memory?

My earliest food memories all revolve around my mother. She was a naturally amazing home cook, and would create different dishes every single day. After work each day, she would come home and make the most incredible dishes for our family. I would just sit on the kitchen counter watching her, asking questions and talking with her, sometimes helping to mix salads or wash the greens. These are the memories I will never forget.

Which ingredient are you obsessed with right now

I am obsessed with pumpkin at the moment, and it is a great season for it as well. In light of everything happening with the pandemic, we are offering a Tulum @ Home menu that features pumpkin cumin soup – the perfect source of warmth and comfort delivered to diners’ doors! On our everyday menu, we make pumpkin candy dessert, an unexpectedly delicious take on a traditionally savoury ingredient.

Kitchen tool you can’t live without?

I would probably have to say my handmade Japanese chef’s knife.

Go-to meal when you’re feeling sick?

Again, this is something from my mum, and also one of my favourite recipes in the Tulum cookbook: my mother’s chicken soup. If I am feeling down or sick, the best thing for me is to make chicken soup with lots of black pepper and lemon juice.

Entrée or dessert?

Anyone who knows me already knows the answer: I can’t finish my meal without dessert. It has to be dessert! I can start a meal with dessert, then main course, and finish with dessert – again!

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