5 Minutes With: Tobie Puttock

Where did you first learn to cook?
I first started cooking in Melbourne’s Caffe e Cucina in 1992 and worked within that group for around 6 years.

What is always in your pantry/fridge?
We are more or less vegetarian and always have soy milk, a healthy supply of condiments of which I make many like creamed horseradish, chutneys and so on. Our freezer is always crammed with various recipes I batch cook like soups, sauces or vegetarian lasagnes for those nights when we can’t be bothered cooking.

Go-to easy weeknight meal?
Grilled cos, grilled broccoli, avocado, smoked trout, hemp seeds, broccoli sprouts and avocado.

Favourite meal to cook for a dinner party?
Whole fillet of smoky BBQ salmon, grain salads, rotolo pasta and horseradish potato salad.

Cheese or chocolate?
I love both.

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