5 Minutes With: Sara Oteri

What is your earliest food memory?
Mum’s warm homemade pureed pears. It’s safe to say I didn’t have teeth yet. But to be honest, I’d happily sit down to a bowl of this now.

Which ingredient are you obsessed with right now?
Pumpkin! I’m fascinated by its versatility and texture. Fun fact – pumpkins send more people to hospital than any other vegetable, because of its difficulty to cut safety. So be careful, they’ll get you!

Kitchen tool you can’t live without? 
Does the Internet count as a kitchen tool? Haha. I’ll tell you what I can happily live without… plastic bags. #banthebag

Got-to meal when you’re feeling sick?
Chilli chicken broth with lime and herbs. It's my go to when I'm sick, feeling unhealthy, hungover or just want delicious brothy goodness. 

Entrée or dessert?
Entrée… x 3

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