5 Minutes With: Diana Chan

What is your earliest food memory?
My earliest food memory was having a PB&J sandwich. I used to eat this as a kid all the time. The trick is to add a few salt flakes over the spread to bring out the flavours. Haha!

Which ingredient are you obsessed with right now?
Currently I'm obsessed with okra. I just can't get enough. I love it raw, steamed or deep fried. It's so yum and it's like a sponge so it carries flavour really well.

Kitchen tool you can’t live without? 
Vitamix – blitzes every damn thing into a fine paste. Magic! Wait, is that considered a tool? If not, just my knives.

Got-to meal when you’re feeling sick?
Congee. Plain overcooked rice with random asian condiments (i.e. preserved olive leaf, fermented beancurd and fried dace with black bean) I know... weird! 

Entrée or dessert?
Entree. I don't have a sweet tooth – I'd share a dessert always but happily have my own entree.

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