5 Minutes With: Ben McMenamin

Where did you first learn to cook?
I first learnt to cook from my Mum. She was a traditional meat and three veg kind of lady but she would let me play around with different sauces and food combinations. 

What is always in your pantry/fridge?
I always have a bottle or Sriracha and some kind of home-made pickle or relish. That way if I want to eat something and I don't have much time, I can always make it delicious. 

Go-to easy weeknight meal?
I love a simple green vegetable stir-fry! Cut it up, throw it into a roaring hot pan, splash of soy sauce and you are ready to go. 

Favourite meal to cook for a dinner party?
If I am doing a meal for a larger group of people I will generally do a slow braised meat with sides. It is always guaranteed to be delicious and it means you can do most of the prep work earlier in the day, leaving you time to have a wine with your guests. 

Cheese or chocolate?
I’ll generally go for cheese over chocolate, especially if it is blue, old or smelly. 

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