5 Minutes With: Anna Polyviou

What Is Your Favourite Food Memory?
I always remember having warm custard, poured into a small glass bowl with cinnamon sprinkled on the top. The smell, the warmth…I always tried to lick the spoon as well as the pot! That’s my dessert memory and I suppose that’s why custard desserts are my fave.

With savoury food I was only really exposed to Greek cuisine at large family gatherings. Pine mushrooms, whole snappers, Haloumi that my godmother would make fresh, mum’s bread made every Sunday. Everyone in the family would make something or hunt for it. A lot of the vegetables were from our garden and the meat was often hunted. I suppose I was foodie spoilt.

What Ingredient Are You Obsessed With?
Vanilla is my favourite ingredient in the whole wide world. I use vanilla pods for infusing and getting as much flavour out of them through liquids for dishes like panna cotta and ice-cream. With my doughs I use vanilla paste, just for that extra vanilla sense.

What Equipment Can’t You Do Without?
My Kenwood Elite machine, it has a light that you turn on to look into the bowl, a motor that is super strong and attachments that are solid, which is super important

What Are Your Thoughts On Dessert?
Desserts first, best part of the meal…and the most memorable too.

Do You Like Soup?
Pho always… mixed vegetables, shredded chicken, tofu, loads of chilli and finished with fresh Vietnamese mint, bean sprouts and lime.

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