Daniela Fra

Daniela Fra

As a super active child with an unstoppable appetite, nutrition and health was always in Daniela’s future. But on completing her Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and spending some time in clinical practice, Daniela wanted to find more ways to educate and share her love of health with the people around her.

So with a passion for all things health and science, Daniela started on a career path combining her university qualification in Naturopathy with her brand management skills, and she has now been formulating, marketing and training on health products and supplements for 10 years.

For the last few years Daniela has been given the opportunity to research and source the best superfood ingredients from across the globe to launch and create the Bioglan SuperFoods range available nationally in pharmacies.

“It’s about showing how easy healthy eating and good nutrition is. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to for our food choices to have a positive impact on our health”.

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